Moving again - Completed

Tadaaa! Hailing from TotalChoice where everything is nice and zippy fast. Just as I expected.

Fully satisfied, thank you.

On a side note: is it me or DNS propagation has gotten significantly faster over time? I remember waiting for days just a few short years ago, whereas Gmail says that I received the welcome e-mail six hours ago - right after which I updated the nameserver entries. Unfortunately I haven’t noted the exact time when the site became accessible on this new host but I know that I fiddled a lot with downloading and uploading the files so I’m guessing that it propagated in around, or under, 3 hours. Very nice.

Update: Of course Internet Explorer still takes me to the old host. And this happens on the same machine. Even if ping and tracert both show the new host’s IP address. Even after I issued ‘ipconfig /flushdns’. How retarded is this?

Moving again - Update

A follow up to my last entry: I made the payment over at TotalChoice and I changed the nameservers to point to the new host. The DNS propagation waiting game begins… Funnily now that I’m in the process of moving the whole thing started working a lot quicker than it did yesterday. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s the middle of the night over in the US or because Murphy’s laws are valid in webhosting too.

Moving again

I’m on a blogging frenzy! But I’m fed up with Movable Type’s sluggishness…

And I know without any shadow of doubt that the culprit is not MT, but Dreamhost and their hosting which is anything but dreamy. Nightmarish maybe, but not dreamy. So I have decided to move back to TotalChoice Hosting as soon as they sort out a PayPal payment issue I just reported after being unable to apply.

If this blog becomes inaccessible during the following days it means that I’m changing nameservers and I’m on my way out of this crap. At least with this site.

Firefox 3

… is incredibly fast.

It looks like the thousand dollar “investment” in this Intel Core 2 Duo rig last February wasn’t in vain after all. I can finally browse around without strange second long hangs during which my CPU would strangely whistle to me from the case. I can feel the speed baby.

Can’t wait for the final release and for my favorite (AdBlock, S3Fox) and work critical (Firebug) extensions to become compatible with it so I can install it on my Mac (the machine on which I’m doing all the work at home) and over at work too.

All WAS well in Spamland

Just a few weeks ago I was bragging about how spamless my blog was. Seriously, MT-Keystrokes kept everything miraculously clean, in the 3 years since I installed it I received a total of maybe 5 spam comment notification e-mails. These were the results of uber-hardcore spammers who actually took the time to copy paste their spam comments into the text area and then press the ‘Post’ button instead of doing what thousands of other “Average Joe” spammers do, setting up some bot to spam away or worse, having hundreds of zombie PCs do the dirty work instead of them.

I’m saying that all was well because I had to delete my old plug-ins when I installed the new version of Movable Type that now powers the blog and so, unfortunately MT-Keystrokes had to go as well. And I’m sad to report that only today my blog received around 10 spam comments and even if I saw in MT’s activity log that many comments were denied because they were coming from open proxies and even if I’ve been diligently reporting the ones that got through as spam I’m still not content with the situation. Not by far.

So I’m off to hunt down some efficient anti-spam plug-ins.