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Well, hello there and thanks for stopping by!

My name is János Rusiczki and this is my personal space on the Internet, but you probably figured it out already. The guy posing in front of his computer in the photo above is me, you caught that right too. So it would be around time to get down to some lesser known facts:

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About the site

Screenshot of my blog as it looked on the 27th of October, 2003

Back in the day, the first iteration of this site was built using Movable Type with lots of customizations and homebrewn scripts. Original color palette help by Meister Adnan with additional styling and some header graphics done by Lucian. The link blog section, when it existed, was powered by delicious via their sweet RSS feed (delicious was dead for a long while - and then it returned in some sort of crippled read only mode). This was by far my favorite layout.

Screenshot of my blog as it looked on the 10th of April, 2009

In the second iteration it was built upon WordPress with a fairly customized template. You can find more information about the upgrade in this post.

Nowadays, as a sort of a back to the roots statement, what you’re looking at are HTML files generated by Jekyll from these sources. Read about the switch.


rusiczki.net now rocks 658 pages of content with 159,974 total words.

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