One last TM04Base related entry

OK, one last update. It’s a list of updates in fact, so here it goes…

My review is finally completely posted, check out part 1 (the intro), part 2 (the first day of party) and part 3 (the second day of party). Also, I just added a bunch of personal photos from the event to my gallery.

Yesterday, the guys from TMBase updated their page and added Constantin Duma’s photos (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) which are absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how Mr. Duma does it because I must admit, I followed him with my eyes for a while to try to catch some of his secrets but I saw nothing out of the ordinary except a (probably) very expensive digital camera and careful staging of each photo. Anyway in my opinion those pictures should be nominated for some party photography prize…

And finally, 4elemente posted a nice review of the event in Romanian. It’s the most well written review out there.

That’s all folks. No more TMBase related stuff for a while. I promise.

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