MT 3.121, dynamic pages and the return of the blacklist

A few techical changes around here. First of all I upgraded the blogware to Movable Type 3.121 and this time around I took my time and dwelled a little into the docs on the MT site and the result is that now with the exception of my blog index and feeds all the other pages are generated on the spot. PHP to the rescue! No more timeouts and server errors while rebuilding…

I also downloaded the MT plug-in pack and I re-installed the MT-Blacklist plug-in which I really loved back when I was running Movable Type 2.6. I was rather disappointed because there was no MT-Blacklist for Movable Type 3 for a while, but now here it is. Yet another tool enrolled to fight that #$^%&* spam… And it was about time because each day the blog receives about 15 spam comments. The best news for my readers is that comments are no longer moderated, so the moment you hit the ‘Post’ button is the moment they will appear on the site, but I think I’ll also rename my mt-comments.cgi to try to avoid the dumber spammer bots.

Well, that’s all the news I had from the technical side of things.

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