Champagne please

Entry number 500. FIVE HUNDRED. Whoohoo, hurray me!

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I would like to thank my family, my dogs & cats… You know.

PS. This milestone entry brings with it the oh-so-dreaded comment form captcha which everyone hates but which I was forced to install to save myself from wading through hundreds of spam comments daily. I was fearing the idea of some real feedback getting accidentally categorized as spam. With this plugin installed I’m hoping to return to the spam silence I’ve been in for 3 years. Oh, and please excuse that I just dropped in the captcha. I’ll tune and style it later on.

Online routable map of Romania

Here it is.

Triple wow!

First of all I had no idea such a thing existed. Then after the great discovery I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the site / service which is very good. Now I have a great reference until Google will move their ass and include a detailed map of Romania. But I’m sure that even past that point this site will survive at least as an alternative.

Instant mental bookmark.

The end of the local winter season

Webcam image of the the base of the Roata slopes at Cavnic captured a few minutes ago:

Webcam image of Roata slope at Cavnic (2008-04-07)


It looks that I was right when I titled the Flickr set containing pictures from last week’s Saturday snowboarding session as “Winter season’s end (2008)”. It was a beautiful day with full on sunshine. Actually the sun was shining so brightly that I was concerned about the bald spot on the top of my head getting burnt. I’ve also had one of this winter’s best backcountry runs just a few short meters from the “official” Roata slope. Mmm, sweet powder. It felt great…

Unfortunately the rains that kept falling during most of last week proved to be a real nemesis of the remaining snow. I checked the webcam this Saturday too. It was pouring. The cable transport was off. There was noone. Sad.

Anyway, I said the end of the local winter season because starting with Thursday we’re hitting Balea Lake for a grand season end. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather.

Monday morning LCD menace

How do you know it’s going to be a great week?

The first thing your boss says to you just as you enter the company’s door is: “you have a new LCD just unpack it and replace your faulty one”. And then you discover that your LCD has no issues actually, all the problems you observed were caused by your stupid leg hitting the VGA connector on your computer.

Erm, yeah, I know I shouldn’t tell anyone I work with computers. Although it’s a known fact that I’m no hardware wiz. On the contrary.

PS. This entry’s title wanted to be “Monday morning monitor menace” (Mmmm) but then I remembered that as opposed to Romanian, in English “monitor” is not really used to signify “display”.

Spam fight reloaded

Got so much stuff to blog about but my energy level is painfully low…

Just wanted to note that I was getting tired of all the spam comment notifications that were landing in my mailbox so I installed MT-Akismet. For the time being, the comments will remain moderated but if the plug-in performs well, I’ll open them again.

I’ll be back after some well earned sleep.

Update: Perfect timing.