It just keeps coming

There’s one thing I learned: once an e-mail address receives one spam message you can wave farewell to the days when you checked your account and what you received was genuine, mint, legit e-mail that was really addressed to you.

I’m somehow proud because I had an email address over at RDSLink since the summer of 2002 and it started receiving junk only in the last few months. So I can say I protected it well, but these days at the morning e-mail check I get about 5 junk messages excluding the mails that announce me that, yup, I got yet more comment spam. Fortunately these got rare after I installed MT-Blacklist.

POPFile is doing really well these days, thanks for asking, the false positives or negatives are rare, and this is mostly because I downloaded more than one thousand messages from an email account that once belonged to a certain institution. And as anyone can imagine 98 or 99% of these messages were pure junk and POPFile just got better trained with each one. No v| ag r a, no just add water university diplomas and no Rolex replicas get through it. Also fooling words don’t seem to have any effect. And that’s cool because my inbox stays free of spam.

So kids? What’s the good thing we learned from all this? Yes, little Johnny, that’s right: never publish an email address you care about on a website and use disposable e-mail addresses for those shady forum and site registrations. Except if you want to get your penis enlarged to a ginormous size.

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