Desktop news aggregators > web based news aggregators

I noticed that lately I started preferring desktop feed readers to web based ones.

First I discovered that FeedDemon is nowadays free. Then I discovered that NetNewsWire is also free nowadays. Then I discovered that since they’re owned by the same company they’re able to synchronize via NewsGator which provides NewsGator Online - a basic web based aggregator. What else would I need? I quickly imported all my Bloglines (the first web based service I used way back) feeds into FeedDemon and later merged them with the OPML exported from Google Reader (the one I’ve been using until recently) in NetNewsWire and BAM! Here I am, in geek heaven. Truth to be told, NetNewsWire crashed several times because I was rushing to organize my feeds while they were still downloading but after I managed to fit each one into the folder it belonged to now everything is OK.

So excuse me while I’m pounding away on the space bar catching up with all my favorite blogs, reads, comics and photos. See you all later.

The automotive pleasures of life

Hey, I have to share this.

I just LOVE driving up to my parents house in Baia Sprie after work. I like being alone in the car with my music and my thoughts. I just hope I won’t smash into something or someone as a result of being too absorbed. But I generally like driving. A LOT. And I’m not having these driving sessions just for the sake of driving, I usually do the 2 by 10 kilometers to pick up something I received by mail. As I still list my Baia Sprie address although I live in Baia Mare since 2004…

Of course I also have the “pick up Ioana after work by car” driving session each day. But that’s not half as fun because I have to cross a really cramped town at around 6 PM. Unfortunately the stress that results from taking care that wreckless idiots won’t hit our beloved little car takes away the joy of it.

Next week is looking good from this driving point of view as we’re going on a short holiday to Balea and that means crossing half of the country by car. And back. Hmmm, I’m off to write some mix CDs and praise my friskyRadio subscription.

Construction site timelapse

My video. Let me show you it. OK, lolcat language over. :-)

First of all I hope my boss won’t spank me for revealing sensitive company stuff. As all you see above is happening behind a high fence.

And now for some technical info: the movie was created with JPGAvi (an unregistered version of this software, actually) and it is made up of 899 frames which translate into an equal number of images captured by a Mobotix M22M surveillance camera from one of our own construction sites. The images were captured at one minute intervals from 6:00 AM to 8:59 PM on March 27, 2008 - the day that began as winter and ended as spring. 15 hours x 60 frames / hour = 900 frames. My only credit besides assembling the video is that it was me who set up the camera’s operating system to save these snapshots to one of my own FTP accounts.

Well, that’s about it. I really like how the clip turned out. Enjoy!

OOXML is now an ISO standard

Bad news of the day. Actually bad news of the yesterday when I found the link on Techmeme, but I couldn’t write about it as my blog has been experiencing technical difficulties.

You might remember that I touched the issue a while back after the first round of voting, heavily disappointed by Romania’s stand regarding the issue but it seems that ASRO (The Romanian Standardization Association) haven’t changed their mind from one round to another. They voted pro again. Well, that’s it, we have to face it: these people “represent” us as a country. And I said nothing about the shady sides of the whole thing…

The story is rather complicated and has many facets but if you became interested a truly comprehensive article is available at ars aranea. At least read the last section “What have we learned?”, even if we know now that the last paragraph was wishful thinking.

Hello world 4.1

After some adventures which included almost 24 hours of my individual post pages being offline I managed to upgrade my blog’s engine to Movable Type 4.1. Judging from what I saw from the admin up until now it really is great. Let’s see how it works in the longer run…

Update: Some template tweaking was needed before being able to publish the entry.