Hey spammers, bite my shiny metal… MT-Keystrokes. Wow! I could almost say that this is the best invention since sliced bread! It’s based on such a simple ideea but it proves to be really effective in practice.

I saw the plugin a while ago, but when I tried to install it back then instead of my dynamically generated individual entry pages I saw errors because the plugin had no support for them. But yesterday after deleting about 30 notification e-mails MT-Blacklist sent me I got a little fed up and I decided that I’d better save myself from this kind of crap and revert to static individual entry pages just to be able to put MT-Keystrokes to work. But when I visited the project’s homepage I noticed that it now supports dynamic pages. Oh JOY!

Installation was a breeze and consisted of uploading 2 files and editing one template. And it works perfectly judging from the fact that since yesterday it blocked well over 100 junk comments.

Blog life is pink now. At least for a while…

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