Birthday galore

It’s our favorite Romanian business blogger, Dragos Novac’s birthday in 2 days (January 31st). Anyone reading this can surprise him by going and voting for his weblog which is nominated in the Best Southeastern European Weblog category at the Satin Pijama Awards.

How do I know about his birthday? No, I’m not the date obsessed type, as I had a few classmates back in high school that knew everyone’s birthday and astral sign by heart. On the contrary, I could never memorize dates nor numbers and that’s one of the reasons I created a Birthday Alarm account back last summer. So, one of these days I was eyeing the e-mail notification that came from the service announcing that Ioana’s (as in Ioana, my girlfriend) birthday is right around the corner and I thought, hey what the heck, and sent out a mass message in Yahoo! Messenger asking everyone on my contact list to enter his or her birthday. The result was that in less than one minute my taskbar filled up twice with the responses coming in through Messenger and that I’ve got around 50 birthdays entered. So that evening I was busy studying the dates and concluded that the oldest two guys in my contact list are from ‘71 and the youngest gal is from the year of the Romanian revolution, 1989 and noted some coincidences, like birthdays on the same date. I guess this would be a golden opportunity for those who believe in astral signs to study who matches who and compare each personality with the person’s sign but I’m not that type.

And one more note: if you were among those that took that half minute and filled out the form expect at least a virtual card by the time your most loved / hated day of the year comes around.

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