Google ads and even more spam

So here they are. On the individual posts page, right under the post text and above the comments. According to Google’s policies I can’t encourage people to click them so I’m not. ;) And yeah, I know the page flickers while loading in Firefox but I guess that’s a browser problem.

I decided to insert them because I seem to receive big numbers of visitors daily (over 200). Unfortunately I’m more than sure that most of these visitors (more than 50 percent) are spambots coming through various proxies. Thankfully Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist is doing a wonderful job, because at the time I’m writing this it blocked more than 1000 comment spams and as a plus nothing made it through to be shown on the site itself. Kudos for the great plug-in!

But my referer log is practically unusable after being flooded with viagra, cialis, poker, casinos and the alikes (here’s a sad screenshot of the top referers). It looks like after the measures Google and the major weblog software developers took against comment spamming, the spammers are getting back to good ol’ referer log spamming. Well, at least my stats are password protected so there’s no chance they’re getting pagerank from that. Hah!

If you want to see what a slimeball as the ones who are doing this has to say about his “job” read this interview on The Register. What can I say? Nice job…

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