It's here!

It's here!

(Can you spot the thin white coating on everything?)

Even if it’s probably just a “preview”. Even if this round will go away and we’ll have about a month of bone crunching pure cold without any snow. Must concentrate on the important aspect at hand: after a year of waiting winter has finally arrived! Heheeey, slopes, here I come!

PS. Please excuse the “artistic” quality of this pic… I just snapped it.

Days of silence

One of the earplugs of my trusty 4 year old Philips earphones gave in less than a week ago…

Since then, no more iPod music… No more podcasts… No more relief during walking to and from my girlfriend or during the boooring bus rides to my hometown… Only the few hours of music I get to listen to here at home and the occasional short bits of music I catch during work, via my other pair of headphones, some Kenwoods which get wasted, because the on-board soundcard I have on that computer is… Well, an on-board soundcard. Translated for the non techies: it sucks. And no, the Kenwoods aren’t usable with the iPod, because I don’t want to look like a complete freak while walking around town.

Of course I’m dreaming about a pair of Shure E2Cs (or maybe even E3Cs, hell, one can dream, right?). But I haven’t really had the money nor the time to look for a pair of more humanly priced earphones. Anyway, I hope this situation won’t last for too long because I really - really miss music on the go.

Google dissappoints for the first time

Google Analytics Logo Well, it’s a bit far fetched to say that I’m dissappointed. But it’s a well known fact that when Google launches something new web geeks and early adopters jump on it like it’s pure gold or the sweetest candy or whatever turns you on. It’s been exactly like this two days ago when they rolled out Google Analytics. Only that it’s been a bit more complicated this time as they weren’t able to toy around with a Beta version which they could just throw out and if something breaks they would say: well, it’s a beta, what do you expect? Nope. This time they were inheriting a base of Urchin customers which were paying $200 per month for the service they started offering for free from one day to another.

OK. So Monday I jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I saw the link for the service. Created a profile for, put the code on the pages, validated them, it said it’s OK. Tadaaa! The 12 hour waiting period for the first reports started (that’s what they were stating on the setup pages - report data will be available in 12 hours). After more than 12 hours (next morning actually) seeing there’s no data I started reloading the stats page quite impatiently. Nothing. Nothing. And more nothing. Sometimes I wasn’t able to access the service at all. Now almost 48 hours later and still no report data I thought I’ll look around the blogosphere to see if I’m the only one experiencing problems. And to my surprise visiting the trackback links right from the official blog post about the service I started seeing very negative comments. Of course the most dissappointed are the folks who used to pay for the service while it was still branded Urchin and who are now missing out 2 days of reports. But others are quite pissed too.

Many would say that I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and they’d be mostly right, but we are so used to being spoiled by Google. We were used to get quality services for free (any complaints about Gmail, anyone?). Which was not the case this time, at least not right from the start. Too bad. Too bad indeed.

In the meantime I’m still waiting for those first reports…

UPDATE: Hahaha. Just my luck. The moment I published this entry the reports showed up.

Chuky is getting better

Chuky is getting better

Story: He was hit by a taxi which broke his leg right in front of my girlfriend’s brother one night a while ago. They took him to the vet and since the original owner didn’t show up they got stuck with him. But “stuck” isn’t the best word to describe this situation, because he’s really funny (crazy) and he earned the love of all the family. The following Tuesday will mark his last trip to the vet. At least concerning his leg. So, he’ll be free to run like crazy. As he already does anyway…

Yet another disappointment

As I was saying in an earlier post I was thinking about getting myself a Pro account on Flickr. Heck, I was even thinking about surprising a good friend who happens to be a big photo enthusiast by sponsoring him with one. The winter holidays are so close anyway… But running a check yesterday I saw those six characters that give me the shrills when I’m trying to order something online: PayPal. Combine PayPal with Romania and you get a big no-no. You know, tons of scammers, heaps of carders and the alikes… Oh well, this concludes my Pro account dreams.