Lazy, lazy day

Today was just the average school day. In the morning I woke up really late. So I thought I’d miss the first hour of the first class, English. I went online and I got almost all the Happy Tree Friends episodes. I feel safer if I have them on my harddrive. I ended up missing the first three hours of school. So I dropped in at 11:00 instead of 8:00 looking forward to attend six hours of economics… I found out that our English teacher (my neighbour, mother of a good friend of mine) freaked out because there were the usual two students (out of 17) at her class. There would have been three if I weren’t that lazy… So we moved the English class to 11:00 on Mondays.

Coming home I found a new issue of Muzik waiting for me… And a superb chilly CD mixed by Radio One’s Gilles Peterson. Superb, really. I read a bit of Muzik. Watched the second part of ‘What Women Want’, because I saw the first hour or so yesterday night on satellite and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open for it then… So I took out one of my oldest DivX CDs today and flipped it in. Actually I couldn’t really remember how it ends besides that it had a happy ending (what else would you expect from a romantic comedy featuring Mel Gibson?). After seeing it I went to sleep. As usual…

I don’t know but I feel that this a real problem. Lately I’m so lazy and tired almost all the day. I started taking some vitamins but they don’t seem to help too much. Maybe I’ll visit a doctor… Soon.

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