Ready to shop 'til I drop

BancPost's Taifun Cards Well, yes, I received my Internet enabled credit card. Actually I got it Friday, and I could’ve got it Tuesday because it was ready, and already waiting for me at the bank. But the important thing is I got it.

Although there are two cards in the picture I’m talking using singular here because one of the cards is the “real” card and the another one is a “virtual” card. The real card can be used in shops and at ATMs while the virtual card can only be used for Internet purchases. Before going shopping online one should transfer a certain amount of money to his virtual card account from the real card’s account. It is done like this to protect the customers from credit card fraud for which my dear country is very well know. If one transfers a limited amount of money (about as much as he’ll use to buy what he wants online) into his virtual card account and some bad cracker boy finds out the details of his card he can’t do much harm if the customer has already made his purchases since there’s no money left on the card. Pretty smart. But also a bit inconvenient as one has to use the ATM to transfer the money from one account into the other. Still, it’s a lot better than being fucked. Enough explanations!

The funny thing is that after I got it I began to wonder what will I buy with it? Friday night I took it out with me, and I tried to transfer a certain amount of money. I haven’t succeeded because I didn’t really know what I’m doing. I was drunk. Saturday I jumped out of bed and checked if I still have the card. Thought I forgot it in the ATM. But it was there. Pheeew! ;-) Note to self: leave your credit cards at home if you plan to drink.

Saturday I successfully transferred some money into the virtual card’s account and I succeeded creating myself a trial account at Easy News. I was very happy seeing that, yes, my card does work!

But my dilemma continues. What will I buy? I think the first major purchase will be a domain name… But all this later…

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