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This week I really started going to school. Well except today, which I skipped because of being awake far too long last night. Anyway our first class today wasn’t held (at least these were the previsions, and I hope they came true) and there was a math class after that. So I said: no thank you. I’m not quite ready for maths. Yet.

Monday was the funniest day since a long time. Theoretically I had school starting at 13:00. I arrived at 14:40… Right in the middle of some computers related class. In which we learn the secrets of those two fantastic Microsoft softs called Word & Excel. I managed somehow to stay awake for an hour. Last semester I was excused from this kind of classes because the teacher realised that I probably knew the stuff better than he did. I’m waiting for his decision again.

He let us out at around 15:35 because he intended to show us something by the lab but all the computers were running defrag when we got there. So he let us “home”. At 17:00 we had the gym class starting. Or however it should be called. This class works like this: We go there. Wait for the teacher. He makes a list of who’s there. And lets us home.

Anyway we had one and a half an hour to wait. So we decided to do the usual. Get a cup of coffee and chat away at a nearby hotel’s restaurant. On our way there in one of my classmate’s car I noticed I was one against five. Boys against girls I mean. I thought I should write that down right away since it happens so “often”. And this coffee break was fun since I found out the latest news on everybody’s new boyfriend and more importantly: who’s wearing bra’s and who hates them, and where does the straps hurt… Yeah. The fun of hanging out with five girls.

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