One small step for man...

Oh boy… Phew! For those of you who were holding their breaths after the suspenseful ending of my last post I have announcement to make: I have half of my driving license. Damn! When I left the room I thought that I messed up badly but after one and a half hour of gut wrenching horror I found out that I made 25 points out of 26. Wooow! Am I that good? Now with a bit of luck on Wednesday (the day of the driving test itself) I’m all ready to hunt innocent pedestrians. Keep those fingers crossed, they sure helped this time. :)

Fingers crossed

The big day is here. October the 30th 2007, 11:30 is when my driver’s license test starts. Please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.

Band of the week

Ladies and gentlemen: Shiny Toy Guns. I first heard “Don’t Cry Out” in a snowboard video a while ago but without knowing what I’m listening to. So, yesterday when Ioana was browsing MySpace (but sssh!, don’t tell anyone, because MySpace is officially gay) and the tune started playing in one snowboarder’s profile I raised my head and said: “Hey, what’s that? I like it!” And, as it happens in these cases a few minutes later the song was sitting comfortably in Winamp ready to be played millions of times… :)

PS. And of course they reminded me almost instantly of Frou Frou so now Details and We Are Pilots are happily shuffled around.


I wanted to put up a joke post a few days ago when YouTube was down for maintainance with something like: “Hey look, they’re deleting yet more videos”. But it turns out it wouldn’t have been a joke at all as it looks like Google pulled all the Comedy Central videos from YouTube. That’s right, acquire a service for an outrageous figure and then nicely delete everything that’s good on it. I’m sure lots of people will come to watch how Johnny Nobody filmed his cat purring this morning or the next door emo kid’s touching videoblog entry about his latest crush… And this is how good ol’ fun YouTube turns into Google Videos which never really caught on even with their superior video quality. Well, guess why smartasses? Because it’s boooring!!! Way to go Google. It looks like every move they make just makes YouTube and Napster’s case look a lot more similar.

Hike of the summer

The Rooster's Crest

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos shot during the most enjoyable hike of the summer when we (je, Ioana and 2 friends who you’ll see climbing) visited a nearby rock formation - the Rooster’s Crest. Although it was already the first part of September we caught some great weather and had a great time.