Yes, I am paranoid. Today I made digital pics of my credit card because I was required to fax a photocopy or mail a good quality scan to confirm an order I made yesterday. Yes, well, us Romanian aren’t the most trusted nation. Because of our cool background. Gypsies, legislation that drowns pretty well in corruption and other juicy things like this.

Anyway I mailed them the pics in the afternoon. And suddenly while I was sitting just now it occured to me that what if somebody hacks my ‘puter and finds those pics on the hard drive? Well, he’ll find 30 bucks on the card which ain’t much. But since I can spare myself of some headaches why shouldn’t I take some steps? So I packed the pics with WinRar and password protected the archive. Hack this! Hah.

It occured to me afterwards that e-mails aren’t encrypted in any way… Well, let’s hope nobody intercepted mine. Hehe. It was required to send a clearly visible image of the card. And faxing wasn’t a real option because it would have required going somewhere to photocopy my card, then going to the post office to fax. Too much fuss.

I believe in my luck.

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