100 days is quite a long time

UD Agent Screenshot

And all this time my CPU was in the service of humanity. Haha. In fact 70% of this time was made at my ex - workplace where the UD Agent was running night and day - seven days a week.

Nowadays, I’m mainly running it because of the free gigs they give you for running it over at EasyNews. But it’s also good to know that you’re doing something good. Rather than searching for ET over at the SETI@HOME project…

I had to had, of course, the paranoid ideea that maybe it’s not the cure for cancer or smallpox that my good ol’ AMD XP1800+ is researching but some new biological weapons for the US… Heh. I guess one can never know for sure. But still I’m 95% positive that it’s doing what they say it’s doing. Which is a very good thing.

I can only hope that someday a cure will be found and it’ll be good to know that in some way or another I helped.

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