Getting old?

Today I confirmed that I’m going to the wedding of a good friend and ex school mate. I feel weird again. But I usually feel weird when I’m about to go to weddings of people who have the same age or are younger than me (as in this case).

The way I got invited to this friend’s wedding is a rather interesting story. The most interesting fact about it is that I haven’t seen the guy since 3 years. I don’t know exactly. And this wouldn’t be such a big problem if we stayed in touch. But nope. This did not happen. So I see him 3 years ago. Fast forward. I go to the wedding of another ex school mate last November. I meet this guy’s parents. I ask them about the boys (he’s got an older brother). “Oh, Ovi (the older brother) is married and Flaviu will get married next summer.” I think I made a face… They asked me if I want to come to the wedding and I said, of course.

Two weeks ago I get this nice invitation to the marriage of Flaviu and Anca. The shock came again. Then I got used to the idea. But I discovered that their marriage is on the same date as the biggest and most important local festival. And what’s better, the place where the party will be held is in the center of the festival’s place. Hah. Nice. I’m eagerly waiting to walk through the boozed crowd dressed in a nice costume. His parents asked me then to confirm if I’m coming or not by phone. So I thought I’ll flung out by “forgetting” to make the call.

But yesterday his mother called and asked. And I said I’ll tell them the answer today. And today without thinking too much I confirmed. Phew. This will surely turn out to be an interesting experience.

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