Restarting... Again...

Well, to tell the truth I lost count. I lost count how many times I restarted blogging. But it wasn’t always my fault.

The first time I tried my luck at blogging I was using Blogger and my dinosaur age account I have at Geocities. It all went well, I posted some entries being fascinated by what Blogger was offering for free but then Geocities cut FTP access for their free accounts.

A rather long pause followed. In the meantime I started my own “do some good for the people and all this for free” site, (which can be translated as After a while I saw an installation of b2 on a friend’s site and I thought: hey what the hell, let’s start bloggin again. I installed b2. Posted a few entries, but browsing around the web I noticed that almost everyone was using this “magic tool” called Movable Type. First I didn’t like it. And that’s mostly because I saw the extension that always scares me: cgi. Later I found out that MT was written in Perl. And there was a fairly extensive install guide on their site. So one night I gave it a shot. Some of the Perl modules which were needed weren’t installed on the server I tried to install the system on but I got them installed somehow. Anyway, I got myself a working Movable Type installation which I happily used. Rather intensively around Christmas in fact. Posting all those “in progress” Christmas tree pictures. Haha.

The domain expired this year. I didn’t renew it. It looks rather funny if I take a look at it now. Owned by some porn site… I don’t know what they were thinking but hey I feel good that they considered my humble site worthy enough to take over it. Hehe. I checked Google and it seems that with the exception of one site nobody is linking to it anymore.

A little more than a month ago there came the news about TypePad. Whooo. Tried it out the moment I found about the launch of the public beta version. But for 9$ per month it wasn’t the real deal for me. Since I’m a not-so-bad web developer I figured that even if I can’t replicate the functionality of TypePad I can do something similar. So I cancelled my TypePad account on one of the last free days.

And so, here I am. For 10$ / year I bought my own domain name, which everybody hates, but hey it’s my name… And for 5$ a month I got some great webhosting. For the moment I’m busy customizing MT’s templates for my needs. And then there will come the other sections of the site.

I’m quite excited and I’m eagerly looking forward for the moment when I can publicly launch my own personal site on the world wide web. Hehe.

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