Slow days

Not much happening.

Hot, late-summer days go by. I should work but instead I stare most of the time at my computer’s monitor. Doing various stuff. Nothing really important. Moving MP3s from one folder to another and other challenging stuff like this.

There should be some camping action during the weekend. But there are some factors. Because we (they) don’t know exactly when they want to go. Friday or Saturday. I go if we go Friday but I better go to the disco if they go on Saturday. I hope we go Friday though because I really feel the need to burn my throat with some tequilla or some other dangerous beverages. The call of the wild.

I think I’ll do some work now, though. Because I have some dreams. And to fulfill your dreams you need money. At least I need money to fulfill my dreams. Yeah. So, let’s fire up EditPlus.

Written while listening to: Goldenscan - Of Our Times (Burufunk Remix)

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