El grande year end recap

OK, so if you read this blog you might wonder what the hell happened after I posted that entry saying that I’m going after my Mum in my first longer driving session…

It was fun going there, at least the first part of it until the dark fell and I reached the road segment between Dej and Cluj which is in heavy reparation. Well, that wore me out a bit. I reached Cluj anyway and drove into the town during the crazy afternoon rush hour. Picked up my Mum and headed back. All was fine until a few kilometers before Gherla where my Dacia decided it was enough and broke down. Imagine me, having next to no experience with the car and my Mum just coming back from a heart related hospitalization looking at each other and wondering just what the FUCK happened… And what the hell should we do. Somehow we reached Gherla and due to some kind of miracle we found a service open at 9 PM. And the guy made the car work (at least 3 out of 4 pistons) for free. (Note to self: next time when in Gherla visit him with some presents.) We got home somehow, mostly in 3rd shift because the 4th was shaking the car like crazy and when it did take it (the 4th shift that is) I did my best to keep the car going at over 70 km/h driving through empty towns and villages well over the legal speed limit… A real adventure, that REALLY WASN’T NEEDED. Turns out some essential spring broke inside the engine, a truly rare defect according to most technicians I asked. Of course it had to happen to Janos.

But fortunately this is really the only bad news. I mean this and the lack of snow since that blitz at the beginning of November. But we’re kind of used to that, by now. I had some problems with the car since then, most notably that broken direction incident which really scared the shit out of me. But now, since a while, it’s working OK. Touch wood.

Good things happened after then. I got a Pro account on Flickr and immediately after a photographer’s block kicked in. I felt that now that I have an upgraded account I should only post really artistic pictures. Complete bullshit of course. :-) In a short time I realized that I’ll just continue posting as I did before. Oh, and talking about Flickr. A while ago I made a group dedicated to Baia Mare and since it had some success (23 members and 120 photos as of writing this) and a small and really nice community formed around it I decided to move my focus and created a group for my home town of Baia Sprie. Unfortunately there’s only me and Evil Boarder posting there for now… And to be honest, I’m not expecting too many new members. But I created another group, a bit broader, dedicated to the beautiful county of Maramures. And spammed a few members that had photos tagged with ‘maramures’ to send them over to the group. Which some did. So this last group started out pretty strong and I hope it’ll continue like this.

I did mention that I’ve quit my job in the second part of the year. For a while I did some contract based work for Vodanet the result of which was the XHTML / CSS skeleton of acasa.ro (the second most visited Romanian portal if I’m not mistaken, hehe). Yep that’s your truly’s handy work. Nowadays I’m working with my life long French partner (haha) on a really cool mobile related project. Can’t say more for now, but never fear, details are coming soon. To this very blog… :-)

And last but not least, I’m in the process of upgrading my computer. And that means a complete makeover because the one I’m writing this entry from dates back before I moved into this apartment. And as you can imagine it’s not the fastest. The funny thing is that I’ve started to buy the new computer from the outside to the inside so now I have the case (Antec P160), a power block (Antec TruePowerTrio 430-EC), video card (Asus ATI RX1650XT) and a gig of Corsair RAM. And no money left. To be continued sometime at the end of January - start of February with an Intel Core2 Duo processor and a matching motherboard…

OK, really long post. If you came this far, congratulations!

Well, that’s it, boys and girls, have a Very Happy New Year and take care. :-)

Beatport's support department sucks ass

I sent them an e-mail complaining that none of my debit cards are accepted for payment on December the 7th, they replied requesting some data about the card and the bank that issued it, which I quickly provided and since then nothing. It’s the 27th… Talk about speedy problem resolution!

And no, there are no problems with my cards, I’ve been shopping with them without any problems. And in many cases right after Beatport refused my payment (I tried several times before giving up and sending the aforementioned e-mail) I went to another, more expensive, shop where I payed for my tracks with the very same card… So there were enough funds - it’s just that one day they decided to stop accepting my orders - and not only mine… I think this has to do with the fact that they started billing European customers differently without any official statement whatsoever. I mean, how professional is that?

What’s worse, any real complaints about this issue posted to their forums are nicely deleted because all must be pink and happy there. I saw complete topics disappearing in a matter of minutes. That’s good thinking: instead of solving the user’s problems let’s gag those losers. Shame! Look, I’ll make a small test and post a link to this entry. I wonder how long it’ll stay on?

Oh well, if they don’t want my money, there are plenty of other digital download services out there. I guess I’ll just move on.

UPDATE As it happens in these cases, a few hours after posting this entry (and sending another e-mail to support) they responded and “unlocked” my account. I just made a test purchase and it worked out fine. All this after a couple of months of painful hiatus…

Merry Christmas!


Hospitals and surprise travels

Tuesday morning I went with my Mum to Cluj for a planned hospitalization. Heart problems. I’m obviously not too good with medical terms but to make the long story short she had a “quiet” heart attack this summer. Quiet because she only found out later that she had it and the doctors in Baia Mare recommended her to get a consultation from the specialists in Cluj. And at the busy clinic at Cluj there was an opening Tuesday so we went there…

The confusion was big that day, because I went with her planning to stay until the next day - to see her settled and hospitalized. But on the train she said she’d prefer if I stayed until Friday. I said OK, but I wasn’t really ready for such a long leave (no exchange clothes, limited money) so after she was hospitalized I took a walk around Cluj and did some thinking. And I decided that if I have to stay until Friday I’d go home that night, pack some clothes, dig up some money and get back the other day. But visiting hours came and we decided that for 1 hour per day (the length of the strict visiting hours) it wasn’t worth for me to stay and I will return to take her home when time comes. So I got home a bit heavy hearted and very tired but everything went well that day until the last moment when I slammed the lift’s door on one of my fingers (bye bye dear fingernail).

Yesterday passed, I called her several times and she told me that they ran some tests and she’s expecting the results today. Also she was expecting to have coronarography done on her today or tomorrow. And I was a bit scared because it’s a scary sounding operation… And this was actually the main reason why she went there.

But this morning she called and said that after analyzing her results the doctors concluded that there’s no need for a coronarography yet and that she’s free to leave. This was certainly a huge relief.

And after some calculations I decided to take her home by car. With my pimpin’ extra old school Dacia. This will be my first longer driving session since I took my license a few weeks ago so wish me luck… I’ll mostly need it in the traffic jungle that’s Cluj. :-)

I’ll be back to report soon.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that that Cristi and Ivett saved me from several hours of cruel boredom on Tuesday. Thanks for bearing with me guys (and girls). And yeah, I just have to confirm that Mojo is super sweet.


Wow, I don’t really want to feel this again. Ever. In my life.