Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Movie Poster) I went to Cluj-Napoca this weekend (actually Thursday night) and while trying to spend some quality time with my girlfriend we went to this movie in a quite nice theater (Victoria). The public was not so nice because it seemed like some gipsy kids from an orphan house got their Christmas money and so they inhabited some of the main room of the theater the “normal” public being forced to the balcony. No one really wanted to be around them since they were acting quite weird. Drugs maybe… I don’t know.

But back to the movie! Although Brendan Fraser kind of annoys me, because as much as I saw he always plays childish roles in childish movies and even this time a computer animated Duffy Duck played rings around him, looking back it was a fun movie. I mean when I saw Fraser on the poster I thought I’ll have to shut down my mind to enjoy some of it, it wasn’t half that bad. Steve Martin was hilarious in the role of ACME’s really evil chairman and there were lots of quite funny references coming from the excellently animated cartoon characters. As when (I think) Daffy says something like “That’s not boxing! You have to bite his ear off!” or when Bugs reads “Force for Dummies” while fighting with a light saber. Jenna Elfman looked really good of course and the movie also featured one of my long time favorite cartoon characters, Taz, the tasmanian devil!

It was well worth seeing it.

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