Need for Speed: Underground

Need for Speed: Underground screenshot I’ve been playing this for the last few days and all I can say is: whew! It’s fast and… no, not furious, but fun! A lot of fun! Yesterday my middle finger hurt after pressing most of the day the accelerate button on my keyboard. So I could say it’s a little addictive too…

I’m not a big fan of The Fast and the Furious but I’m enjoying this game to the max! I particularly like the way I can tune up my car and the miriad of options available for this purpose. If I compare the car I’ve started with (standard right out of the factory sportscar), with the one I have now (halfway through the game) it really shows! All the cool mod stuff is there except audio equipment. Speaking of which the soundtrack is excellent! But I prefer turning it off so I can hear the sexy sounds the turbocharger makes when I’m changing speeds.

The nitro is there too, of course. What would a game like this be without nitro? Drag mode really makes my head spin giving such a great feeling of mad speed. And then my favorite section: drifting. Where scoring is based on the time your rear wheels spend, well, drifting… The game is as far from a simulator as The Fast and the Furious is from reality but this is exactly why it’s so much fun playing it.

Great game.

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