Michael Crichton's Prey

Michael Crichton - Prey (Book Cover) I got annoyed. Because I finished a great novel in a very short time. This happened to me before but quite a long time ago. And I’m really pleased when I get this kind of excitement while reading a book. “Just one more paragraph and I’ll put it down” was my motto since Wednesday night when I purchased the extra packed e-book from Palm Digital Media.

The book is about an experiment involving nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, going, obviously, wrong. It has a strong science backing as anyone who ever read a Crichton novel would expect. In whole it’s a frightful insight in what could happen if a bunch of scientists would create a self aware, self replication capable (micro) organism and “accidentally” release it in the wild. The book is really tense and action packed from cover to cover. The characters are kind of classic, but nicely rounded. I haven’t really focused on them though, because all the action drew my attention away. I can tell it’s not a deep novel even though after reading it, it makes one think a little about the aspects and factors involved in nanotechnology’s possible advancement. But there’s a fact: it gave me a few days of quality entertainment and that’s all that matters for me.

My guess is that they’ll make a movie of it as they did from Timeline a book I read but haven’t seen the movie based on it and the other Crichton books I haven’t yet read but saw the movies (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Congo, etc). It just asks for a movie.

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