TMBase, here I come!

Almost everything is packed… Clothes, additional warmer clothes, warm hat, exchange shoes, umbrella, food, MiniDisc recorder plus its remote, digital camera, USB cable, rechargeable batteries, second round of rechargeable batteries, battery charger, freshly burnt DVDs for friends, tickets, gift chestnuts for whoever will be hosting us, snacks for the train ride, gas turned off in all the apartment, everything is a big CHECK. It’s a little strange not to be leaving from home, I mean my parent’s house, because I can’t stop thinking that I’m forgetting something but I have to get used to this. The “beautiful” (yes, we all love CFR) train leaves at 00:38 tonight and I’ll be travelling with two (or more) friends for about 7 and a half hours through the night. Unfortunately this is the only option but there might be some fun involved because there might be some alcohol involved. And as I know my friends, there will be. Sure. But if I think about it I’d better sleep as much as I can because I don’t know where I’ll be staying yet and how will I’ll be able to sleep during the day, and if I don’t sleep I’ll be wasted tomorrow night.

And tomorrow night I can’t afford to be tired. Because starting with tomorrow night THE PARTY IS ON! At least for us, because the party actually starts this night, for those lucky guys that live in or near Timisoara.

I just can’t wait to get there! I can already feel the vibe. It’s going to be so much fun with all the great music and I’ll meet and personally talk with so many people who I mainly talk with on the Internet over the year… The only problem is that Ioana will be joining the fun only Saturday night because of her <insert favorite negative adjective here> job. But she’ll be there!

Ah, a few massive days ahead! :-)

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