Another edition is over - Part 1

I’m back home since Sunday night but I had to catch my breath before writing anything about the massiveness that TM04Base was. I’m sad that it’s over and that all that’s left to wait for this year is Christmas because basically nothing related to drum’n’bass, breaks or generally any quality electronic music will happen here in Baia Mare. Even less since our much loved and hated bar, Cuba (aka Upstairs), closed. And Christmas is so far away…

But let’s see what I remember of what happened at the fest.

It all started out really bad. Tragically bad in fact as in the last week before the festival it turned out that we have nowhere to stay because the two sure bets turned us down: my friend Bogdan had his relatives over and it was full house at his place and Ioana’s friend had a fight with her room mates and as such she was also out of the equation. Some crazy phoning, instant messaging and SMS sending followed and it looked like I had two places to stay, but none of them were really comfortable… I turned down one of them (and I don’t really know why) after a local friend came over and said that we surely have a place to stay at a friend of her friend in Timisoara.

Thursday night came and the train ride turned out a bad one as two of the guys I traveled with got really drunk and so everything got badly messed up and I slept about 10 minutes or so the whole night. This wasn’t the best start one could imagine. After 8 hours of pain, nerves and practically no sleep we somehow reached Timisoara. But the bad surprises kept coming: we got turned down by the two of the three sure bets of the girl who told me that we sure have a place to stay, and so we arrived to the third, backup solution. It was an appartment ready for rent belonging to the brother of one of the guys who got wasted on the train. But at least it had beds! And when I saw a bed I happily jumped into it but after less then two hours of sleep during which I thought that my legs will freeze off since I had no cover to put over myself except my jacket I woke up because one of the girls fell over me. I have to say that the two girlies I travelled with really drove me crazy because they went all hyper about the party that was coming that night. And so after 2 hours of sleep they had to get out to see the town, do shopping (from practically no money), etc. Shit. I was really wasted because of the lack of sleep and I realised there was no way I could get rest there with my girlfriend so I started desperately messaging and calling people again. I was just counting my money to see if it’s enough for staying at a hotel when finally the first good news came: Ioana’s friend made peace with her room mates and she said I can come over and stay there after she calls me later that afternoon. I spent the next hours eating some crude chestnuts, reading Cosmopolitan and discussing FHM’s Top of Hot Women with one of the guys and then the call came.

I transfered to Vera, my girlfriends friend, fastly drank 1 liter of Coke and then I was off to the first night…

This post turned out huge so I’ll post the second part later today.

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