Wow, I’m such a web celebrity! Look, I’m quoted on the main page of Pixlr:

Screenshot of my quote on Pixlr

Here’s the full screenshot. As much as I remember I left the said comment on some blog around the web (can’t remember exactly which one, I just checked Download Squad and it looks like it’s not that) and it seems like I struck a cord with the guys. Well, I’m glad I created a warm fuzzy feeling for someone, even if when it comes to web based image editors I’m a Picnik user as it has all the tools I need plus it’s integrated with Flickr.

Thanks for the find Moebius.

Good times

I’ll keep it short and let the videos do the talking.

Here’s some weekend action. First a lame forward flight:


And here’s my first piro, ever:


Whoohoo! Tons of adrenaline and great fun.

Back with a new, stronger iron

Long story short: I moved a high traffic forum to my (ex-)server and it sort of crumbled under the load. Not once but twice. After the second manual reboot request I just deactivated the forum and drew the conclusion that it was time to upgrade. I had to do it fast, because said forum is my main AdSense cash cow and it meant that any downtime meant income = 0 and I just couldn’t let that happen. So the upgrade happened yesterday night.

From this:


To this:


For just $30 per month more… I’d say it’s worth it! I don’t want to sound like a Planet fanboy but their server specials are just awesomely priced. Plus I’ve got the setup waived after speaking with a support person cause my card didn’t went through at first.

Well, that’s the news.

rusiczki.net - proudly served from my new server :)

Awesome is spelled with The Planet in the middle

I wrote about the issues at The Planet right at the end of my first month with them. Back then I was wondering what kind of compensation will I get for the downtime. Well, this morning I found the support ticket closed with a notification informing me that I’ve got a full month worth of refund. Wow, one month of free service for a few days of downtime. Now that’s what I call generosity!

Where the Hell is Matt?


Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

You might know that I’m not the one to post funny videos or generally embed stuff I haven’t created myself into this blog. Except when it’s worth it. And the one above is definitely worth it! You might want to go to the video’s Vimeo page to experience it in glorious High Definition.