Firefox 3 day

So, today is the big day! The day we’ll hopefully set a record…

Keep your eyes peeled at the page. And while waiting for the great download frenzy to start go pledge if you haven’t already.

I feel that Firefox 3 will be a huge improvement. I’ve blogged about it back in April and I’ve been using it since on my Windows machine at home. It never crashed and the speed improvement over Firefox 2 is really impressive. So I’m one satisfied customer. Now please, I can haz Firebug for it?

Geosurprises and CDNs

Firefox Status Bar with Flagfox

A few days ago, out of sheer geek / webmaster / wannabe server administrator curiosity I installed the Flagfox add-on for Firefox which shows the flag of the country where the server that’s hosting the displayed site is located.

There weren’t many surprises as the flag is mostly stuck on the Star Spangled Banner but this morning I’ve noticed something strange. When the browser opened Netvibes, which has been my homepage for more than a year now, I’ve glanced at the flag and I saw Romania. What? Tracing the IP lead to the following host: Ahaaa! Akamai! So that’s why Netvibes loads as if it was hosted on my LAN. Funnily enough the Romanian IP is traced over more hops (18) than the French one (13).

Another “surprise” was resolving to an IP in the Netherlands.

Talking about CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) I remembered about an interesting article I read a few days ago: 10 Easy Steps to use Google App Engine as your own CDN. And another one I found recently: AJAX Libraries API. Google, the poor man’s CDN.

Honey, someone tore our car

BMW’s GINA has definitively been the news of the day. I’m still trying to collect my jaw… The way it’s “eyes” open near the end of the video gave me some serious goosebumps.

Keynote frenzy passed

I missed the first hour or so because despite my morning promise I went to a bar to watch that total EPIC FAIL of a match between Romania and France. Boooring. But it seems I haven’t lost anything of the keynote. It was mostly iPhone application demos and MobileMe which is $99 for a year. No thanks!

Only after I got home Steve broke the news everyone was waiting for. And the conclusion is… I’m starting to want one. A 3G iPhone that is. $199 globally? That’s awfully nice of them! But I think in Romania it’ll still sell at around $450… I’ll believe the 200 bucks when I’ll see it.

I’ll wait for Google Maps to include Romania first! Now with the integrated GPS it makes even more sense. Come on Google!

Update: Actually MobileMe doesn’t look that bad. I’ll have a trial, please. As soon as it’ll be available.

Keynote frenzy ahead

Eff the match between Romania and France!

It’s liveblog refreshing time tonight at 20:00 PM EET when Steve will get on the stage and announce the toys that will get tons of people excited in the coming months. Hey, what am I talking about? Everyone’s already excited to max. I’m not so keen on the main news as I’m not an iPhone owner and I don’t even want one (this will instantly change the moment Google Maps will include a detailed routable map of Romania) but I’m sure there’ll be other news too. And to be honest I’m geek enough to find the whole thing entertaining and I do get a kick out of finding out about the stuff as it happens.

In completely unrelated news I remembered about this “project” these days and it provided me with a healthy dose of smile again. Actually not the project announcement itself, but some comments are killers. I even made a screenshot and I archived it for ethernity. Via Digg.