How familiar

Nagy Zsolt, Romania’s Communications and Information Technology minister starts a personal blog (you know, as in a personal blog where you plan to talk about what you’re doing, the places you’ve visited and what’s your son’s opinion about all this) in Hungarian. Whoops, big mistake. That last part to be more precise, the part where I said it’s in Hungarian. As expected, the bashing begins immediately: one, two and three. Truth to be told, the nice things are thrown around mostly in the comments, but they still make a great reading. Not.

I’d only like to add that only those of us in the situation know what a “great” feeling is to be born as a stranger in a country and as a bonus to be counted and despised as a stranger in “your” country. I know it doesn’t make much sense but I have no idea how to explain better. I’ll try to summarize though: it sucks.

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