I'm randomly alive

Stuff worth mentioning (in no particular order, as usual):

  • This entry is being posted using the shiny new Movable Type 3.2 and the coluorful background of the site is now officially back after two months of mourning - hit refresh if it doesn't show;
  • I'm number 26 in a top of the Romanian weblogs made by Carmen @ Timsoft - this is nice, considering that I'm posting about 1 entry per month...
  • I have to renew this domain in a few days (2 years of rusiczki.net already, wow!)
  • It was a WET summer;
  • Tina revealed herself at one of the first and friendliest blogger meetings (it's been covered all around, it happened far away from my location and as such I didn't attend, so I'm not going to write about it);
  • I'm dreaming about a basic GPS but I'm in an ugly money hole;
  • I fell in love with psytrance;
  • grafic launched - it's a blog with lots of nice pics and next to no text;
  • Timbru more or less closed - too bad, I liked Gabi's entries a lot;
  • My next dog (if it'll be a female) will be called Dashenka.

That’s all folks. At least for now…

Windows reinstall

After a almost 2 years… It was time for a fresh Windows install. Mostly because my svchost.exe would take on some power rides during which it would eat 99% of the CPU. And I can tell you that this is really annoying. I have a truly handy boot CD containing all the utilities needed to put a PC back on it’s legs, which I updated with the latest virus definitions, booted it, let it scan everything, but neither F-Prot nor McAffe found anything. No virus. No spyware. No nothing. And still svchost.exe was driving my CPU and myself crazy. So I took a deep breath and with a quick hand movement formatted my C drive and then installed a shiny brand new copy of Windows. The SP2 flavour. It shouldn’t give me headaches for a while. Or at least that’s what I hope.

Unfortunately I forgot about backing up some stuff though: my Firefox bookmarks are all gone (thank God for del.icio.us), also my FTP configurations from Total Commander went to the eternal byte fields. Time to set them up again. But hey! In exchange I rediscovered that I have a 1.66 GHz CPU. Not a freakin’ slug.

I couldn’t start explaining how much I envy one of my friends (hello Cosmo!) and for that matter anyone who owns a Mac. :-)



August 5, 1994 - June 26, 2005.

She will be dearly missed.


Romania from satellite

This is ultra cool! Google Maps now features satellite images for Romania!

Here’s Baia Mare and Baia Sprie.

And that’s just the start. Too bad I can’t see the slopes at Mogosa because of the clouds…

Wow wow wow! This is surely one of the most enthusiastic posts in this blog. :) An afternoon of exploring lies ahead of me.

Almost forgot! Link via Gabriel.

Random updates: Cluj-Napoca, Ocna-Sugatag, Constanta, Dej (with a special dedication for Mr. Troniu), Satu-Mare, Baile Herculane, Orsova, Bicaz, Busteni, Sinaia.

Update 2: Gabriel discovered that you can search for “place name romania” instead of scrolling around like crazy.

The trustable Romanian web

This morning we were rejoicing -

okazii.ro screenshot #1

  • but a few hours later -

okazii.ro screenshot #2

Note that okazii.ro is the Romanian equivalent of Ebay.