One more thing and I'm off to bed!!!

I made myself a MasterCard. The only Romanian MasterCard which allows average Romanian people to shop on the Net. The procedure is rather complicated since you have to transfer the money to a virtual card before going e-shopping but it’s still worth it. As soon as I get my hands on the card itself (around the end of next week) I’ll get myself a good MySQL book because I have serious holes in my knowledge about this database management system. And it would be really important to plug those holes as soon as possible.

I don’t quite want to think about the price of the book nor the shipment’s…

And now yes. I’m going to bed. I planned to go at midnight. And it’s almost 2:30 and I have to work a lot tomorrow! And as a lot of work implies an early wake up… Oh, just shut up and go to sleep!

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