Everybody loves gadgets!

I’m about to receive the much avaited HotSync cable for my Palm. So the fun can begin. I hope not to get in such an embarassing situation as this guy did:

A member of Norway's Parliament was caught playing a war game on his hand-held computer, right during the middle of Wednesday's parliamentary debate on Iraq. The red-faced representative from the Conservative Party has since apologized.</p>

I’m really looking forward for some Solitaire on the bus on my way to school. I’ve been missing Solitaire since the moment I sold my Ericsson T28. My new Nokia has such lame games! I don’t find Snake as addictive as many do. As a matter of fact I don’t really find it amusing or entertaining either.

I’ve been also looking at some reviews about the über gadget tonight. But until I’ll save 1500$ for a toy there’s Leila, my cocker. Who’s pregnant again! Damn. :-)

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