Stairs from a blue lake

Stairs from a blue lake

Yesterday, right after work I went up to Baia Sprie and after fetching some food I took a short walk in the woods on the hill above my house. The walk turned out truly refreshing, and check out what I saw. This is how the “Blue Lake” looked… You can guess once where it got it’s name, but I swear I never saw it like this before. As much as I know the blue comes from the high sulfur content of the water, and I remember that as a kid I used to bathe there and whenever I had some sort of wound it would heal right after coming in contact with that water.

Silly me I forgot my GPS home. Next time you’ll get some coordinates too… :-)

Back to work.

VOB to MPG - The easiest method

After wasting a few precious hours wading through forums and worthless shareware sites (all promoting the same 4 or 5 applications) I finally found the easiest method to convert VOBs recorded by a DVD camera into MPGs that are recognized by Ulead’s Crap, uuuhm, I mean, DVD Workshop. And the solution is, ladies and gentlemen: changing the damn file extensions! The funniest aspect of all this hustle is that the aforementioned Ulead app recognized and imported 4 (mini)DVDs almost instantly but it had something personal with the 5th one because I couldn’t import it no matter how I tried… Oh well, I’m glad I solved the problem.

Busy bee

Busy bee

This entry’s title could explain the lack of posts lately. I’m on overdrive mode at work, working at home on private projects, trying to squeeze in some sleep and a little PS2…

Rally photos (again)

Siromex Rally 2006

Been to the Siromex Rally yesterday, shoot a bunch of pictures and here’s a “best of” selected and cropped just for you, my faithful readers (and for the rest of the Internet for that matter). This is a funny occasion as I remember that last year I kind of kicked off my Flickr experience with the rally photos, which I later deleted because they were uploaded kind of bulk style and had almost no views, plus there was no other way of getting rid of the set that was containing them (any tips?). I also remember that uploading those pics was one of the first things I did in one of my first free moments at SoftZone, being a new employee and all that…

The wonders of the Universe

Why is the catering company that brings food to my workplace every day called ‘Aramis Games’? ‘Aramis’ the musketeer may pass, but ‘games’? Are they playing games with our food? I sure hope they aren’t! But this is Baia Mare, and everything is possible here.

Oh, and I just found the answer to a question that’s been eating me since I was around 10 and heard it at the end of one of the intelligent programmes on TVR - the Romanian television - actually the only official Romanian TV channel back then: what’s the only Romanian word that has 5 consecutive consonants in it? For all you Romanian readers out there, It’s the equivalent of ‘eighteen’. Here’s where I found it and be sure to check out the whole site as it contains lots of interesting and funny stuff (both links are for Romanian readers, obviously).