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OK. Nice morning. I went out in the bus station. Waited for the bus and when it came it just passed by the station. It was a “tincan” as we call it, Roman Diesel: a bus made in Romania. 1 cm of free space around the doors and some windows. Plastic chairs. Yes, these are really warm inside. Not. And the price of the tickets… Well, I’d better not talk about this… It passed by the station speeding down the road and I looked at the clock. It was 10:23 and there was no way I could reach the second class in time. So I better came home with the intention to work. And that’s what I’ll do.

There are -2°C outside. And about 0.5 - 1 cm of snow. And it’s April the 8th! This is incredible. This winter lasted more than any winter I can remember. And not only it lasted a lot, but it was incredibly cold too. I remember back in December when I was wanting snow so badly. Well I got it. 4 months of it… When I looked out on the window early this morning I saw that even the road was covered with snow. It melted by now. But it’s April and the road it’s covered with snow!? Enough already of this winter!

So now I’ll get to work to finish a project that was due to be finished a long time ago and then I’ll start working to help a friend out with his school project. The work on this project will be well documented and it will became a tutorial for too. At least this is my plan… [ UPDATE doesn’t exist anymore. The domain is now owned by some porn site. ]

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