Almost exclusive!

Wow, I’m kind of switching over to tabloid style but this time it’s worth it…

Yesterday I was working to set up Windows on my boss’ new laptop (with all the headaches associated with the fact that there’s no SATA driver included on the default Windows setup CD) and when I returned to my computer I found a bounch of ecstatic messages from a friend who, well, who’s got plenty of time to waste at his workplace. He was raving about how he finally succeeded in filming some pickpockets in action. And he asked me if I’m interested to put it on the site I’m working on at the company (kind of a portal for Baia Mare). I wasn’t really impressed by what he was saying but then he sent me the movie file and after the first view I was hooked. Because what I saw was incredible! A gang of 4 thieves stealing what I think is a phone from a poor guy who made the mistake to put his jacket on his back and stop at the lights. It’s not that they steal something hugely valuable, but the way they do it is simply amazing. I watched it over and over and I must say that the level of choreography and the precision is mind blowing! I don’t know if this comes from practice or it’s just natural but, wow…

Have a look for yourself.

Oh, and on the techincal side I must note that Baia Mare Online’s stats went through the roof. At least compared to the usual traffic we are experiencing a huge spike…

Pretyy, sexy, with music culture

Here’s another fine tutorial and today’s topic is: how to become the laughing stock of a respected dance music forum in a few easy steps. Performed by one of our fellow countrymen in the authentic Romanian way. Brainless Romanian way, I might add. Be sure to check out the second page of the topic because that’s where it gets truly interesting… The real sad part is that he’s actually representing a site or actually two because and seem to be clones of each other. Oh well, I guess this is the new generation of Romanian site owners…

Comments fixed

My appologies to those who tried to comment since my grande return but it looks like I forgot to set some permissions right. I was a bit suspicious seeing that nothing is coming in but I was not suspicious enough to do a simple check.

Anyway, everything should be working now.

Thanks to the one who notified me.

Good bye dear e-mail address

I just received an e-mail with the subject “REALITATEA TV SELECTS JUMPTV AS EXCLUSIVE INTERNET DISTRIBUTION PARTNER” (sorry for the caps, but this is exactly what I got) coming from –there was an e-mail address here once– (here’s their site). Of course I never requested to receive stuff like this, of course there is no sign of unsubscription info in the mail and of course I have no ideea where they picked up my address. Fuckers!

I’m always upset when an address I tried to keep clean for years gets contaminated and starts receiving shit and it looks like it’s time to wave good bye to another one… Because it all starts like this, with an innocent e-mail… Two weeks later judging by the rate of incoming crap my penis could be bigger by 1 mile an hour.



As in Yet Another Birthday. It came and went as it always does and here I am one year older. If it’s the number you’re curious about, check out the about page (at least my site will get some traffic you RSS freaks).

Actually the birthday itself was divided in two because Monday the 17th, the day itself, was Easter Monday - a holiday for me and so at the company I was celebrated on Friday. Oh, and this year I interrupted a kind of tradition as there was no miniparty (with pizza and drinks for everybody) at my place. I blame my budget. Which is on low side for the moment…

Anyway, here’s the present list: a Philips hair trimmer from my work collegues and boss, a bottle of vine and a Kinder egg from the extended company members, a pair of comfortable shoes and a nice shirt from Ioana, a shiny pillow from my Mum, some money from my partner in crime and a BeatPort giftcard from the infamous Seb which I yet have to spend. Plus many kind words from many other people either personally, by SMS or via Yahoo! Messenger. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all those warm wishes. It felt really nice and in a way you made me forget how dangerously close I’m getting to that round number which starts with a 3…