Not so happy with DreamHost nowadays

You might remember that I’ve been raving about DreamHost right after I was kicked out from Total Choice but my enthusiasm dimmed a lot lately. The features and their pricing are indeed nice and attractive, however…

What I noticed besides the general slowness everybody is complaining about is that sometimes there are big problems with the FTP uploads. And today is one of those problematic days, so to say. I haven’t really been complaining while I was hosting this blog and a few other sites including some rather large MP3 mixes on because if I couldn’t upload something it wasn’t really a life or death issue. But nowadays when I have to upload and show a client a site preview in a matter of minutes it’s not really cool to see that you can’t upload a damn 30 kB file because after a few uploaded bytes the transfer suddenly gets stuck. And I know that last time this happened I’ve been trying for a few hours without any luck and I ended up giving up for that day - so the guys over at DH doesn’t look like the fastest problem solvers. Unfortunately this is completely unacceptable when a client is waiting. Thank God I had a few backup options at hand (other servers) otherwise I’d be really pissed! I’m only half pissed now.

So what did we learn today kids? Never rely on one hosting service and never keep vital stuff on budget hosting plans. Sad but true.

However I’m really hoping these kinds of problems will be fixed in the near future because, well, I’m stuck with them for 2 years and I would like to get some kind of reliability for the money I’ve spent.

Update: Just as I expected today everything returned to normal. A little bit too late though…

Where the fun lies

Techno Tuesday on the Fabrica Blog. Warning! High geekness level required to understand all the jokes. Hmmm, I sure had a lot of fun even if I missed the meaning of one or two. And I’ll subscribe right now. To the RSS feed. In my web based newsreader. And I need an iPod. Oh, yeah.

Bonus: an awesome chill-out mix.

Nokia 6070 - USB infrared dongle - Now best buddies

My infrared dongle

I surprised Ioana today with a shiny new Nokia 6070. Yep, I’m a nice guy… :-)

Obviously one of the first things I tried after putting my paws on the phone (hehe - there was a new gadget in the house after all!) was to upload some short MP3 clips to test out it’s MP3 ringtone capability. But to my disappointment my USB IrDA dongle was behaving miserably making the tests rather frustrating. It was whether complaining about range problems although the dongle was less than 1 centimeter from the phone’s port whether the transfer was locking up in a purely random way. It was clear that something wasn’t right just by looking at the dongle’s activity LED which was blinking rather seldomly as opposed to the way it used to when it was transferring photos or ringtones to or from my good old Sony-Ericsson T610. I did succeed in transferring a 100 kilobyte file once but the cost was a few minutes (3 or 4) of wait. So I started digging in the dongle’s config and after a few minutes of messing around I found the (rather easy) solution.

Here’s what to do if you get miserable transfer speeds between your handheld device and your computer’s (USB) infrared port.

  1. After a connection is estabilished between the device and your computer right click on the icon in your tray and select “Properties” (Screenshot).

  2. In the window that appears click the “Hardware” tab and then click on the “Properties” button (Another screenshot).

  3. Another window will pop up. Click the “Advanced” tab and for the “Infrared Transceiver Type” property set the value from the default “SigmaTel 4012” to “SigmaTel 4000” (The last screenshot).

  4. Close the windows by clicking their OK buttons and that’s about it. Now your phone will speedily talk with your computer via the magic of infrared and you will transfer files like crazy… Or at least as fast as the infrared port permits.

I hope this entry will help somebody out there.

Google Double-U-Tee-Ef

I did a site: search on Google for my wooden products trading site to see what’s the indexed page count and look what the great G showed me. Can anyone explain? And as of writing this it’s a reproductible “thing”. If you’re logged into Google click here.

Informative Resource: No matter how cheap web hosting you deal with, make sure that it offers shared web hosting and its web hosting services are compatible with affiliate marketing. Only then purchasing a domain name on that hosting service is worth all that moolah.

The last day...

For me as an employee at SoftZone. This means cookies and soda for everyone there and yup folks, I’m moving back home to be a 1337 freelancer again. Actually not so elite and not so freelancer but please don’t be shy, projects proposals are always welcome. And I hope that this blog will see a lot more activity from now on, because as you can or could see I really ignored it lately.

Update: OK, if today was day 0, tomorrow it’ll be day -1. Actually today was a normal working day except about 1 hour from the end when I started uninstalling stuff and deleting personal info from my computer. Tomorrow I’m going for some final fixes, things I observed today after 6 PM. And to collect the stuff I gathered on the computer at work (mostly music). Anyway, even if I was the one who called it quits I parted in a friendly manner. No hard feelings. The way it should be done. Good. Now off to sleep.

PS. Everybody loved the cookies. Hint: when in Baia Mare, satisfy your sweet tooth at Bizo.