roblogfest 2007

In a nutshell: I shamelessly nominated myself for two categories, didn’t vote for self, actually didn’t vote at all, came in 60th for the most informative blog with one negligible vote and 26th for the best designed blog with 7 votes. Those 7 votes were a real surprise and I would like to thank everyone who clicked for me. However, most of the credit for this blog’s design goes to Mr. Adnan for the priceless advice and color picking back in 2003 I think… Thanks again!

How to find the username associated with a given UID

In Unix based systems, obviously…

I was curious one day to find where do some of the queued e-mail messages on a server originate from and since qmail only outputs something like “qmail x invoked by uid y” (where x and y are numbers obviously) I had to find out which user corresponds to y. After fiddling for a while without getting anywhere I resorted to asking around. And as usual the answer came quick from a good friend:

grep y /etc/passwd

Hmmm. Magic!

Code Monkey not crazy, just proud

I found this song by listening to net@nite (with Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur) and I must say it’s one good dose of fun. Not to mention how catchy the tune and true the lyrics are. I quickly passed it on to my coder contacts on IM and of course they all had their share of fun. Because, did I mention the song is catchy, fun and true? Oh yes, I did.

Another thing I kept hearing about in Leo’s shows (TWiT and net@nite to be more precise) is Twitter. So today I gave in to my curiosity and created an account on this service created by the founder of Blogger and Odeo. What is it? It’s an “away message” site. What do I mean by that? Well, you must have at least one contact on your IM who sets away messages like “eating”, “taking a shower”, “out in town” basically letting everyone on their buddy list know about every small step of their life. Well, Twitter is a dream come true for them. And not only them. In a nutshell: tell the world what you’re doing in less than 140 characters. The nice thing about it is that you can do this either by going to their site, by sending an IM or by sending an SMS. So you can keep everyone posted even while you’re offline (but in cell coverage area). Pretty neat!

And one more thing. About those long promised snowboard reports. If I’m so late with them, what the heck, I’ll just wait for the season to end and I’ll post one final but comprehensive review. And as much as it hurts saying this I’ll have to say that it’s more than sure that this season will end this weekend. And that is just not fair. Winter is supposed to be 3 months plus extras not a measly 1 month. Bah!

They can't complain now

Luci gives spammers a chance to express themselves. But there’s a funny catch. So funny that I didn’t get it at first… :)

(Snowboard) movie time


This was yesterday.

And yes, I know still own you a bunch of snowboard reports…