More advantages of the PlayStation 2

PlayStation2 playing an audio CD To take a break from absorbing that damn “Basics of Management” book I dag through my shelves for a listenable CD. And what do I find? My good old Massive Attack CD. The one which didn’t want to properly play on my ‘puter. And I was making a case out of it back in April last year.

Anyway since I posted that swearing entry, one day I took a magic marker and made the margin of the CD black as instructed in so many guides. But that way my PC completely refused to read it. The CD-ROM actually made some funny noises when I inserted the disc, so I stopped trying, not wanting to damage neither the CD, neither my drive. I borrowed the album to someone in the meantime and I was relieved to find out it plays on standard CD players.

So, I took the CD off the shelves today and inserted it into the PlayStation. It read it in no time. So now I’m listening to the gorgeous voice of Sinéad O’Connor singing ‘Prayer for England’ which is probably my favourite song on the album.

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