Damn comment spammers!

I’ve just deleted the first 4 spam comments of my blog. Part of me is happy: I’ve been noticed and it looks like my weblog “counts” for someone out there, or at least for Google. But the rest of me, the bigger part, is sad: it’s more than enough to deal with Internet trash in my email… I’ve banned one IP, but I don’t think it counts too much as there are thousands of proxies out there.

The strange part is that earlier today I read an interesting post on solving comment spam in Simon Willison’s Weblog and I was thinking: phew, I’m glad this kind of crap didn’t happen to me yet. Well… It did now.

UPDATE: I downloaded and installed Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin just so I won’t have nightmares with comment spam clogging my beloved weblog. Also updated Movable Type to the latest version as of this writing which is 2.661.

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