Act fast! is available for registration

Yeah, I bet the domain sharks are stepping on each others toes to grab this easy to remember domain name. How could they have missed it?

In other news: I just renewed this domain. You won’t be getting rid of me yet. Hehe.

Experimenting with cliches


My first pseudo-lomo experiment. I liked this photo since the moment I shot it sometime in 2005 but somehow something was missing. Now I feel that I replaced that missing something in Photoshop. I know it’s a cheap and overused effect but I still love how the image turned out. And I promise I won’t abuse it…

Is there an F3 button in life?

I can’t find my brand new 4 gig SanDisk flash drive and I’m desperately searching for it for a few days now. I’m quite upset because I don’t usually loose stuff but it looks like this time I did it. Oh well… I just wish there was a Google Desktop Life Edition, or something.

Update (1 day later): Found it in the car! Hooray!

Spam from the future

Screenshot of my Yahoo! Mail Bulk folder

The fight for the top spot of my Bulk folder rages on! Hilarious!

After Borat, the flood

I’m afraid to embed because as we all know video sites passionately delete music videos but you can search Daily Motion, YouTube or even the big G for Simian Mobile Disco’s song “I believe”. And I happen to think that the song rocks and the video is - hold on to your pants - awesome! Get your guns out, hehehe.