Romanian export music

It’s not really Romanian but… My French partner mentioned that he saw a Romanian music CD in heavy promotion at one of the music shops he visited in his hometown. And it comes as no surprise to me either as I listen NRJ quite a lot when I’m working as I am lazy to build new playlists in Winamp each hour or so. And I heard the O-Zone tune being advertised and they even mentioned that it’s the original version with the Romanian lyrics.

What can I say? Although last year most Romanians (me included) heard the song until they head nearly exploded as it was pouring from remotely EVERYWHERE it’s still a catchy one and what proves this better than the fact that it made it to Western Europe. And not only made it, but it’s a hit out there too. Wow! Or was it an efficient marketing campaign?

Yayaheee - Yayahooo!

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