The official May 1st food fest!

Well. It was Saturday, it was the 1st of May and exactly as last year we celebrated food. Not wanting to differ one bit from the picnic of the past year as it turned out wonderfully then, we went to the exact same place. The persons involved were a little different but the feeling was generally the same. In a nutshell: up the mountain - lay down and breathe heavily once we were up - prepare fire - cook and drool while inhaling that smell - finally eat - lay around with a full tummy watching our idiot friends doing some Jackassish pogo thing and holding our stomachs because they hurt after so much laughing. For a moment there I had the feeling it was ‘69 and I was at Woodstock. Not that I was born or something back then… :-)

The only bad thing was that in the end we had to carry the trash down the mountain and there weren’t too many candidates for this job but I managed to forcibly involve some persons other than my girlfriend and myself. We left a clean spot after us only leaving some food remnants and as we sat right under the woods I think animals had no problems finding their way…

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