Kings and princesses

I must confess. I’m among the growing fan base of and Emphasis on the first one (I’ve been genuinely sad when the blog got disabled on - hurray for the return on their own domain). Human stupidity and bad taste at their max can be a good source of daily laughs. Even if they more or less directly affect us. Discovered via the almighty zoso.

The end of a (hosting) era

Just got this by e-mail:


This is just an email verification for you that we’ve now closed your Account as you just requested via our web panel.

You will no longer receive any bills from us (unless you kept an active domain registration with us) nor other communications.

We’re very sorry it didn’t work out and maybe we’ll see you again someday!

Sincerely, The UnHappy DreamHost Goodbye Team

I’m over at The Planet on my shiny dedicated server. Which costs more per month than DreamHost cost per year, but the quality…


After putting my paws on a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter today this is the first post edited using my 19” Samsung LCD as a display as well as an external keyboard and mouse. And it feels damn nice. My MacBook just turned into a desktop computer. Yey!

Easter trip through Maramures


Will return with details and more photos. The one above was shot by Ioana.

Album of the now

Album of the week even.

Portishead - Third.

You can stream the whole album for free on Yeeey. I’m in the process of listening to it for the first time and I definitely like what I’m hearing. A lot.

Official release: April 28, 2008. Hmmm, might even order it as a CD.

Update: It seems that I’ve caught what were the last hours of the full streaming album. All you can listen now are 30 second samples. Too bad.