Days of silence

One of the earplugs of my trusty 4 year old Philips earphones gave in less than a week ago…

Since then, no more iPod music… No more podcasts… No more relief during walking to and from my girlfriend or during the boooring bus rides to my hometown… Only the few hours of music I get to listen to here at home and the occasional short bits of music I catch during work, via my other pair of headphones, some Kenwoods which get wasted, because the on-board soundcard I have on that computer is… Well, an on-board soundcard. Translated for the non techies: it sucks. And no, the Kenwoods aren’t usable with the iPod, because I don’t want to look like a complete freak while walking around town.

Of course I’m dreaming about a pair of Shure E2Cs (or maybe even E3Cs, hell, one can dream, right?). But I haven’t really had the money nor the time to look for a pair of more humanly priced earphones. Anyway, I hope this situation won’t last for too long because I really - really miss music on the go.

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