Moved. Yes, again...

This time to my own server. And the conclusion is that I’m thinking about ditching Movable Type. Sorry, but yes, I’ll have to admit it: it’s slow as Hell and it was a real pain installing it - I had to tinker with some Apache configuration files to get a damn blog working… That’s innaceptable. Don’t hold your breath and don’t take it as a promise, the grand migration won’t happen now nor tomorrow, as I have one really important personal project in the pipeline but as soon as I’ll have some “free” time I’ll get to it. WordPress, here I come.

Two spots for a mayor candidate

Oh and talking about professionalism… Watching the videos below (made for one of Baia Mare’s mayor candidates) will make you hurt. I guarantee it.

The spots were created by an advertising agency from Cluj. I’m sorry but I refuse to link reta… Uhm, I mean, professionals.

I’m sure as hell not going to vote as I’m way too fed up with these leeches. It is my belief that it doesn’t matter who gets in the chair, he’ll be just as corrupt as the current one, he’ll steal just as much and it’ll be all the same for the average citizen. So, thanks but no thanks.


Update: I open Hotnews following some random link I’ve received via IM and what do I see? This. Heeelp! They’re everywhere! became so tiny it's inaccessible

The professionals that provide us Internet at work, namely IPN, have some lame filters installed which went rogue and now deny access to random sites. My biggest gripe for the moment is the blockage of which means twittering in the short breaks I have becomes rapidly frustrating as no links can be accessed. And no, they’re not productivy boosting filters, as for a while Mozilla’s download site was blocked too. That meant Firefox updates were performed by bringing the browser’s setup file on a USB stick from home. Or transferring it via And that’s how I know the filters are out of control, because obviously we called them about this issue and they said they’re aware of it but have no idea what to do. Professionals, as I said.

Update! Found a solution.

Backup - Coming to a Mac near me

Good news day.

  1. First and most important: I’ve got a raise. Whooo. A raise is always excellent news.

  2. A replacement arrived for the 400 gig hard drive that flew away to the ethernal bit fields with most of my music archive on it a few months ago. Oh, how happy I was about that incident. Not. I tried to avoid thinking about it as much as I could but these weeks I was in the mood to listen to a specific style of which I had several gigs of MP3s on that drive. Bad luck.

Anyway, back to the good news: I’ll have a spanking new hard drive ready for action! The plan is to put it into my desktop PC bringing the number of drives installed up to three. Hmmm, let’s brag a bit. Desktop PC: 320 GB + 500 GB + 400 GB (the newcomer) = 1,12 TB! Wow. 500 GB Western Digital My Book World Edition that sits near my router tied into the network. Two 80 GB drives of which one is installed into my PlayStation 2 and one is in a portable USB enclosure. The one in the USB enclosure will be used for Time Machine backups from now on… 60 GB hard in my MacBook.

And I remember the moment in the autumn of 1998 when I decided to get a 4 GB hard drive thinking that it’ll last me, like, forever.

Le Cafe and others


Plus lyrics for those (like me) who understand written French better.

Friday evening after a reminder and invitation from a friend we went and attended ‘Très Court’, a short film festival. “Movies” of up to 3 minutes (titles and credits did not count) were presented, most of them funny and some weird and / or artsy. The one above was probably my favorite of the 51 even though I voted for another clip in the respective section. The fest in it’s whole was a lot of fun.

Here are some more favorite shorts I found over the Net: Duel by Antoine Revel-Mouroz, Things fall apart by R. Chiu / C. Hewitt (impressive sound design), My Mum the Wrestler by Mark Withers, Cat man do by Simon Tofield, Butterfly by Stéphane Levallois (very very nice) and Flash by Marco Cohen. Enjoy them while you can (until the video sites decide to pull them, that is).