Layout updates

I finally had time to finish tweaking my blog’s layout. The main goal was to make it fully Flickr compatible, and that means making the content column able to accomodate a “standard” Flickr photo. I actually accomplished this a while ago (a month or so), but the problem that remained was that the header images needed an extra 20 pixels in width and I never got around to modify them until today.

Looking around in the header I noticed that my ‘Articles’ page was never touched so I removed the link to it and the page too. I’ll post all my “articles” directly in the blog anyway… And since I was messing around the header I remade the tabs completely, now they’re rounder and smoother and as a plus my header looks the same on all browsers. No more strange gaps. Internet Exploder users will have to do without the hover effect (as IE doesn’t support the hover pseudo-class on anything but the A element), but who is still using that “browser” anyway? (Hmmm, actually I know a few people…)

There’s also the photo sidebar, the content of which I’m generating offline each time after I’m posting a new batch of photos to Flickr. I rotated my link buttons by 90 degrees. And they actually look a lot funnier this way. That’s about it now, I’m thinking about some color tweaking too, but I need some expert assistance for that otherwise I’d blind you with my 1337 choices…

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