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Approximately at the time I did those Flickr compatibility tweaks I decided to mess up my so called “permanent links” after almost 2 years of, well, permanency. I was annoyed by the fact that my URLs ended in .php - actually they were useful this way before Movable Type implemented it’s dynamic page generation because I could place PHP scripts in the templates which would be executed when the page was loaded by a visitor. But as soon as Six Apart added the feature I opted for dynamic pages because otherwise each and every of the archive pages took up it’s own space on my host, and I never actually put any PHP content in them.

But even after switching to dynamic pages the structure remained and my links still looked like / blog / archives / year / month / day / something.php. So, after I took a deep breath, I decided to mess things up. I needed that deep breath because by changing my permalink structure all the inbound links to my inside pages became invalid. Plus after el grande change, all my basenames (entry tile: Hello world it’s me = basename: hello_world_its_me) needed manual corrections and I haven’t had the time to do them all until yesterday. And since I was working on my blog I also corrected all the internal links (posts linking other posts) so now everything should be OK and in about a half a year the 404 errors will slowly but surely dim. After the almighty Google reindexes everything, that is.

Oh, I almost forgot: look out! Big Brother is watching you! A few days ago I installed Google Analytics.

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