Technically frustrated

Well, I decided which LCD to buy: the Samsung 913N.

And I was intending to get it from eMag when a friend intercepted me and said: “Hey, why don’t you buy it from the local Ultra PRO store at a reseller price? It’s actually a bit cheaper than on eMag.” The background info is that he’s got a small company, he’s an Ultra PRO reseller and I already bought some hardware with his “reseller” help (cheaper than if I had to go go and get it directly from the store).

So I had to make a choice, and as almost always when it comes to hardware and I am influenced by friends I made a bad one. And that’s because the first thought that popped in my mind was warranty related: what if the panel from eMag arrives with dead pixels? Or what if something happens to it later in the future (touch wood)? It sure seems complicated to send an LCD panel back to Bucharest for servicing and at least I can physically see and test the one from Ultra PRO before I shell out the cash for it. Anyway, I talked to my friend on Saturday and he told me that the guys from the store said that they don’t have it stocked but it will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday the latest. Wednesday as in yesterday. Of course now I know the updated “facts”: it will arrive tomorrow or on Monday or sometime next week. Yeah, right. How typical!

If I had ordered it from eMag I would probably feast my eyes with it since Tuesday. But oh well… It seems all I’ll get until sometime next week is frustration. And I want my toy! I want it bad and I want it NOW. No, actually I want it yesterday! Screw you Ultra PRO and your false promises!

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