The last day...

For me as an employee at SoftZone. This means cookies and soda for everyone there and yup folks, I’m moving back home to be a 1337 freelancer again. Actually not so elite and not so freelancer but please don’t be shy, projects proposals are always welcome. And I hope that this blog will see a lot more activity from now on, because as you can or could see I really ignored it lately.

Update: OK, if today was day 0, tomorrow it’ll be day -1. Actually today was a normal working day except about 1 hour from the end when I started uninstalling stuff and deleting personal info from my computer. Tomorrow I’m going for some final fixes, things I observed today after 6 PM. And to collect the stuff I gathered on the computer at work (mostly music). Anyway, even if I was the one who called it quits I parted in a friendly manner. No hard feelings. The way it should be done. Good. Now off to sleep.

PS. Everybody loved the cookies. Hint: when in Baia Mare, satisfy your sweet tooth at Bizo.

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