Not so happy with DreamHost nowadays

You might remember that I’ve been raving about DreamHost right after I was kicked out from Total Choice but my enthusiasm dimmed a lot lately. The features and their pricing are indeed nice and attractive, however…

What I noticed besides the general slowness everybody is complaining about is that sometimes there are big problems with the FTP uploads. And today is one of those problematic days, so to say. I haven’t really been complaining while I was hosting this blog and a few other sites including some rather large MP3 mixes on because if I couldn’t upload something it wasn’t really a life or death issue. But nowadays when I have to upload and show a client a site preview in a matter of minutes it’s not really cool to see that you can’t upload a damn 30 kB file because after a few uploaded bytes the transfer suddenly gets stuck. And I know that last time this happened I’ve been trying for a few hours without any luck and I ended up giving up for that day - so the guys over at DH doesn’t look like the fastest problem solvers. Unfortunately this is completely unacceptable when a client is waiting. Thank God I had a few backup options at hand (other servers) otherwise I’d be really pissed! I’m only half pissed now.

So what did we learn today kids? Never rely on one hosting service and never keep vital stuff on budget hosting plans. Sad but true.

However I’m really hoping these kinds of problems will be fixed in the near future because, well, I’m stuck with them for 2 years and I would like to get some kind of reliability for the money I’ve spent.

Update: Just as I expected today everything returned to normal. A little bit too late though…

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